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3.-6.April 2014

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Functional Varibiking

Functional varibiking allows athletes to push their performance up to the next level.

Every body movement requires more than one muscle to be moved. Abstract motion is only made possible by the way in which our muscles are all linked and moved in sequence.

Numerous muscles have to be coordinated, no matter what position the hand cranks are in. The leverage applied by the arms is continued throughout the body's entire musculature, right down to the legs. All of the other muscles located between the arms and the legs therefore also automatically contribute to maintaining the overall body tension.

Muscles and connective tissue are in symbiosis from head to foot. Multi-functional training means viewing the whole body as one single, homogenous system.

The Varibike's arm cranking and foot pedalling movements allow precisely such a high level of functionality.

Varibiking increases the strength, improves the posture and heightens the ability to coordinate movements.

It is great for simply keeping healthy and fit, but also suitable for top athletes aiming to increase their performance.

In addition, its multi-functionality helps prevent sports and other everyday injuries when used regularly, and also helps to accelerate healing processes.