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Sports medicine evaluation of the indoor Varibike            27.02.2014

By Dr. med. Günter Schmid - Sports Doctor, Internist, Diabetologist

With the new development of the indoor Varibike, an excellent opportunity is available to us to specifically improve muscular deficiencies both in the area of fitness and competitive sports and in the area of medical rehabilitation, e.g. after injuries, after operations on the locomotive system (e.g. joint replacement) or even after a stroke, for active and passive reactivation of neuromuscular failures/deficiencies. Even patients with one-sided neurological failures can use this form of rehabilitative therapy with the option of fixing the extremities.

The Varibike offers many options in the area of cardiac rehabilitation.

With the infinitely variable control of the resistance, a pulse-limited load intensity can be set exactly. The many load variations here can make the sporting activity significantly more interesting, more varied and less tiring.

However, as well as rehabilitation patients and competitive athletes, the principal target group for this new type of fitness equipment comprises recreational and fitness athletes. With the aid of the enclosed worksheets developed together with sports scientists, which provide very precise and differentiated exercise instructions, and with the aid of the DVD also supplied, users undertake functional training both to exercise individual muscle groups specifically for an increase in muscle power and to improve endurance.

Using the arm crank, the user can therefore adopt different positions (sitting, standing, kneeling, sideways or frontal) and operate the crank differently (forward, backwards, parallel, opposite) to provide excellent exercise for all muscle groups in the upper extremities including the torso muscles as well as the leg muscles from the sitting position. The infinitely variable intensity settings for the arm and leg cranks allow unique and completely individual training according to the condition of the muscles. Furthermore, with the arm crank fixed, the indoor Varibike can also be used as an ordinary bicycle ergometer.

A specific exercise standing on the Varibike should be mentioned separately.

With simultaneous leg treading (forwards, backwards) and simultaneous arm cranking (forward, backwards, parallel, opposite), intensive exercise is provided for the deep, so-called autochthonous torso muscles as well as the leg, shoulder and arm muscles. In addition, this exercise represents a great co-ordination challenge with simultaneous use of both cerebral hemispheres due to the complexity of the exercise.

To sum up, this piece of sports equipment is excellently suited to general performance improvement, targeted improvement of muscular deficiencies, prevention, rehabilitation and improvement of co-ordination skills. With the option of infinitely variable adjustment both of the resistance and of body dimensions, the indoor Varibike is suitable for almost anyone.

Dr.med.Günter Schmid