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Frank aus Kreuzlingen/Schweiz

„Varitrike-mein Fitnesstudio auf 3 Rädern.“

Walter (80 J.) aus Bad Hersfeld/Deutschland

„Wohlgefühl bei ganzheitlichem Training, nach Gewöhnung,  sogar auf  Touren.“

Adam aus London/England

„I have been using the Varibike Trike for 6 weeks now and so feel I have enough experience to write a review. The trike has an adjustable back rest so you can alter the angle. I find it exceptionally comfortable when using it even for 3-4 hours at a time. Martin also ensures the pedal to seat length is correct for your individual leg length. I ordered the version with Shimano Alfine gears so changing gears is smooth and consistent.

The machine itself takes no getting used to and you have all the options available on the Varibike ie legs only, arms only, one arm at a time. It is an engineering masterpiece with steering no problems.

I regularly use the bike in London but have attached a flag pole to increase my visibility, with this I am confident on the trike even in rush hour traffic.

The bike provides a great workout and there are no "off limits" in terms of hills. In the lowest gear I have mastered the steepest hill in my area ( approx 18 degrees at some points).

Although the wheels are only 20 inches there is no real loss of speed when compared to the bike version I regularly average 26-28kmh which I don't think is too bad when you consider the traffic.

The Varibike Trike is comfortable, easy to master, enables you to climb hills utilising both arms and legs and provides a great workout. If you have the budget for it I would highly recommend it.“

Robert aus Trondheim/Norwegen

„My motivation for wanting combined arm and leg drive are twofold: I need to improve and maintain fitness.  High intensity interval training is supposed to be good for that, but I get bored in gyms, and when cycling, my legs get tired before I really get out of breath.  I thought adding the arms would take care of that.  And it does.  On my commute to work, there are four climbs long and steep enough to get my pulse and breathing rate up, especially when I am late.  I was surprised by how much difference arm power makes to uphill speed.  I thought with the arms having so much less muscle than the legs, there would be little added speed, but it mattered even at the beginning, and now that I have adapted enough that I can go one gear higher on the hills, it matters even more.

My other reason for wanting the combined leg and arm drive is that one of my knees is weak.  Having the cranks attached to the fork helps, but I thought reducing peak load would still be a good thing.  The Varibike Trike's front wheel drive is just right for me on both counts.  I had tried two other designs with combined arm and leg drive before, neither was quite right for me.

I got the Varibike Trike set up to my satisfaction on Christmas Day: I added lots of reflectors, extended the front mud guard a little so salty spray doesn't reach the steering (Norwegian roads are salted when the temperature is still close to freezing, gritted when it is well below), and I fitted a screen between front wheel and chain to protect the chain from salt, too.  It works.  In fact, it all works well enough that the Varibike Trike has been the only transport I have used for distances up to 20km ever since I started riding it.“